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JCB Power Products accelerates growth in power market


JCB Power Products continues to expand its extensive range of power generation solutions, following the acquisition of the business and assets of Broadcrown, a major UK manufacturer of diesel generators. Based just 12 miles from JCB's World Headquarters in Staffordshire, the new business perfectly complements JCB Power Products' range of generators to help increase JCB's penetration of the generator market, its global manufacturing footprint and its specialist power generation dealer network.

Just six months after the acquisition, plans are accelerating at a rapid pace to take advantage of the increasing power market. The integration of the two product ranges is developing fast to suit global distribution and to supply customers with a product for any application.

Managing Director – JCB Power Products Jonathan Garnham said: "JCB is very serious about this business and we have big plans to grow and develop it. We want to develop our infrastructure, our products, our people and the services that we offer.

"JCB Power Products already had an excellent generator range sold through a network of 150 dealers. This purchase offered us a fantastic opportunity to accelerate the growth of the JCB Power Products business, by significantly extending the range. It also offers a great opportunity for the fuel-efficient JCB engine to power more generators.

"The two product ranges from JCB Broadcrown and JCB Power Products suit each other. The Broadcrown business mainly focuses on larger generator sets, especially in the projects market. JCB has traditionally been below 200kVA, so the two product ranges fit well and the same can be said for the dealer network.

"There are some markets where there are both JCB and Broadcrown dealers and we will continue to offer the respective product ranges to each of those dealers. Broadcrown dealers remain as Broadcrown dealers, as they have built up a strong reputation and invested heavily in the brand, so we will continue to support them."

Since the acquisition the projects business has seen growth again, with a number of new projects secured and already under way. In particular, the team have just installed and successfully commissioned a project at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London.
"The reputation that Broadcrown has built over the last 35 years is excellent," said Mr Garnham, "This year JCB celebrates 70 years in business. Together with the engineering experience of Broadcrown, I truly believe we are bringing together two great British manufacturing businesses as a leader in power generation.
"JCB Power Products saw an opportunity and our dealers are also seeing the opportunity to grow more and more into the power generation business."

First Published: Mon, May 23rd, 2016